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2015 AIA Seminar

The 2015 AIA Seminar will be held March 27-29, 2015 at Camp Friedlander. The seminar is hosted by the Section C-6B American Indian Activities Committee.

AIA @ Section Conclaves

The Section AIA Committee hosts an Indian Village at Section Conclave every year. Arrowmen can find crafts, powwows, training and more at the village.

Welcome Friends

On behalf of the Section AIA Committee…Welcome!

If there is one thing that brings arrowmen together, it is the experience had by all through the AIA programs of the Order of the Arrow. From the ordeal ceremony that inducted us into the order to a powwow enjoyed by arrowmen at lodge and section events, we have all experienced American Indian Activities at least once. Inductions is what ignited the Order of the Arrow almost 100 years ago on Treasure island. There, the first honor campers experienced the mystic ceremony that launched the Order of the Arrow. To this day, lodges across the nation continue to perform these traditions in the form of ceremonies, drumming, songs, dances and powwows. The goal of the Section AIA Committee is to strengthen the AIA programs of lodges within Section C-6B. We realize the power of bringing together the community of arrowmen that participate in AIA programs to further improve them and their lodges back home. The biggest way we do this is through our American Indian Activities Seminar held annually. The seminar brings together dancers, drummers, singers, and ceremonialist from all over the area for a weekend dedicated to improving and strengthening their skills so that in return they enjoy their craft more and provide a better AIA program back in their home lodges. We hope you consider joining us for this fantastic weekend. More information can be found out by clicking “The Seminar” on the menu above.

In the Spirit of W.W.W.,

Tanner Haller, Section AIA Chairman